T2082S Sonic Toothbrush with Travel Case

      • Advanced sonic cleaning technology produces 40,000VPM powerful dynamic cleaning action.
      • 4 brushing modes (Clean, Sensitive, Whiten, Massage) offer varying oral care needs.
      • 2 minutes auto-timer ensures dentist recommended brushing time.
      • 30 seconds interval time helps you brush each area of your mouth.
      • Inductive charging with LED indicator.
      • Extra long usage time. Green of Li-ion rechargeable battery inside.
      • High quality DuPont bristle promotes naturally whiter teeth by gently polishing off surface stains.
      • Pack of 2 brush heads. 
      • Waterproof

      UV Sanitizer features:
      • Designed for T208X series electric toothbrush.
      • UV clean technology helps kill up to 99.9% of germs on the brush head.
      • Keep toothbrush germ-free between brushings.
      • 10 minutes sanitizing timer control. 
      • Hygienic storage for 2 pcs of brush head
      • Lid activated On/Off switch. Interchangeable UV light bulb.
      • Automatic UV light shut-off when opened during operation.
      • Interchangeable UV light bulb.
      • Micro USB charging port.
      • USB cable and adaptor is included.
T2082S whiten- (7)
T2082S whiten- (7)
T2082S whiten- (6)
T2082S whiten- (4)
T2082S whiten- (2)