RISUN TECH GROUP Spring Banquet of 2019

Date: 2019-03-07 15:54
On March 5, Risun Technology Group (2019) Spring Dinner was successfully held in South China Haodu Hotel. More than 400 VIPs including leaders of the Group and its subsidiaries, management personnel, representatives of customers and suppliers, and family members gathered together for a grand gathering. Summarizing the achievements of 2018 and deploying the tasks and goals of 2019, the colorful program performances and awards of the awards are intertwined with each other.

At the beginning of the party, Mr. Li Dongbao, chairman and general manager of the group, delivered a speech. Mr. Li firstly wished all the staff of Ruishengte Technology Group the New Year blessing and informed everyone of the series of achievements of Ruishengte Group in 2018. The business of Ruishengte Technology Group maintains stable and large-scale growth, and all these are inseparable from the efforts of employees. Mr. Li specifically mentioned that 2019 is a particularly important year for Ruishengte Technology Group. To deepen management and ensure technology and product leadership, we will work together to build a new height of Bohao, Mornwell and Queenwill brands to enhance brand influence. Create more brand value. And this requires the joint efforts of our Ruishengte people! In the new year, I hope that everyone will continue to carry forward: scientific management, teamwork, diligent and pragmatic work style, adhering to the corporate spirit of "sincere and trustworthy, excellent and dedicated", and strive to complete all tasks of this year efficiently And goals.
   President Li's speech greatly enhanced the self-confidence and pride of the Ruishengte people, but also made everyone feel a long way to go and applauded the scene. Afterwards, all the directors and senior management team of the group toasted and encouraged all employees, and the party officially started!

* Group directors and senior executives toast *

Group subsidiaries and brand teams prepared wonderful cultural performances. The literary performance was kicked off with a cheerful dance "Good Luck". All departments brought carefully prepared programs, full of vitality, full of celebration, and celebrated the 14th birthday of Ruishengte Technology.

* Good luck *

 * Madrid is incredible *

* Issued the annual outstanding team award *

 What made the scene hot was the well-prepared awards and sweepstakes, and the venue continued to set off a climax of interaction. Ruishengte Technology Group commends the advanced, and awards certificates, medals and cash awards to these advanced teams and individuals. Another frontline employee randomly selected the grand prize, and was very happy that he would stay in the Ruishengte Group for a long time and work hard in the most basic positions to reward the company. This reflects the cohesion of the group and the destination of Ruishengte people. sense.

* First-line employees win awards *

On the spot, the plan was staggered, full of warmth and full of warmth, and full of warmth and emotion. In a melodious melody of the chorus "Tomorrow will be better", the party ended successfully. In 2019, Ruishengte Group will continue its business without forgetting its original intention!

* Group photo of Ruishengte Group's directors, management leaders and performers *