Risun Tehcnology 16th Best Employee of the Year Awards Ceremony

Date: 2022-04-29 15:10
Since the very establishment in 2006, Risun Technology has been holding the best employee of the year awards ceremony for 16 years. There it comes the 16th ceremony on April 8, 2022 in Risuntech Group headquarter. COO of Shenzhen Risun Technology, Alan Luo, highly paised all the award winners and all the employees for their strong faith, outstanding performance and tremendous outcome through out the very tough year. Not only overcome all the difficulties of the influence of COVID-19 and war, lack of electricity and workers, but also nearly doubled annual sales volume together.

Let's find out who work hard the most in the past year of 2021. Here is the awards winner list.
  • Part Ⅰ Best Employees of The Year Award:
R&D Department: Zhang Feng, Chen Chugang, Luo Gang
PIE and NPI Department: PE Xie Yongxin, NPI Yangmei, ME Yanghe
Quality Department: Huang Fei, Lu Zhide, Quan Hongli
Electronic Department: Lan Qin, Li Yuanbin, Yang Liying, Tang Yan, Qi Yanli, Long Xiaoju, Xie Yumei, Li Hua
Injection Molding and Screen Printing: Luo Chunxiang, Tang Xiaolan
Mold Department: Tao Rongbo
Warehousing, PMC, Procurement, Finance and HR Department): Xiao Haichao, Liu Jianzhi, Si Chengju, Finance Yang Fang, Yang Pengfei
Marketing Department: Li Liling, Ada Sun
  • Part Ⅱ Best Contribution Award: Li Hailong, Tan Zhiqiang
  • Part Ⅲ Best New Employee Award: Wen Qiao
  • Part Ⅳ Excellent Team Award: Marketing Department, MIS