Risuntech Attends Canton Fair Online Show with Live Streaming

Date: 2020-06-25 15:03
Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with long history, large scale, complete commodities, many merchants and ideal transaction effect. Affected by the novel coronavirus, the Canton Fair in 2020 used the advanced information technology to establish a comprehensive online exhibition docking platform, which was held online on June 2020 15-24.
From knowing that the Canton Fair will be held in the form of online exhibition and live broadcast to the beginning of the exhibition, there is only a short time of less than two months. Facing the problems of tight time, new forms and heavy tasks, Risuntech marketing team actively learned the new changes and new highlights of this "cloud" Canton Fair, quickly built a live studio and online exhibition hall, organized and trained the live broadcast team, and successfully completed the world's first cloud exhibition with solid and comprehensive product knowledge and efficient team cooperation.