Risuntech Group 2022 Development Plan Meeting

Date: 2022-03-11 17:08

In 2022, the world continues to face the historical changes and COVID-19. From regional hot spots to economic development, from climate change to emerging technologies, multinational political changes and severe inflation, various challenges have led to multiple changes, and the international trade situation has become complicated than ever.

Under this global background, the 2022 development plan meeting of ruishengte technology group was held in Shenzhen Dapeng Luzui Villa from February 26 to 27. The theme of this meeting is "Face Challenges and Moving Forward". Closely following the international situation and internal upward pressure, the shareholders of the group and the management of each subsidiary attended.

At the meeting, Li Dongbao, President and General Manager of the group, made a detailed plan and deployment for the development of the group in the next five years and delivered a speech on the theme of "Enterprise Core Competitiveness". Luo Wenchuan, COO of Shenzhen head office, Huang Shengping, COO of Jiangxi subsidiary, and Fu Chunming, COO of Bohao subsidiary, made new year's plan respectively. Luo Qingxiang, Deputy General Manager of the group, CFO Hu Changchun, CTO Zheng chuanzhou and other leaders made special work plans for supply chain management, financial management, product planning and R&D management. Finally, a constructive discussion was held around the group's development planning and management ideas, enterprise core competitiveness, human resources and organization construction, thought and enterprise culture.

In the past 2021, against difficulties of power consumption, lack of labor, soaring raw material prices, shortage of chip resources, continuous epidemic and so on, Risuntech Group broke through all the obstacles and achieved a nearly 80% increase in sales volume. In 2022, under the more experienced leadership and fully prepared management, the group will achieve stable development and boost oral health industry all around the world.