Risuntech Group Annual Plan Meeting of Y2023

Date: 2023-02-20 14:22
From February 18th to 19th, Risuntech Group Annual Plan Meeting of Y2023 was successfully held in Huizhou, Guangdong. TB Lee, president and general manager of Risuntech Group, the management of the head office and its subsidiaries and the shareholders of the group gathered together to share the development achievements in 2022 and discuss the development layout in 2023.

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At the meeting, TB Lee, chairman and general manager of Risuntech Group stressed that we should conscientiously implement the main development line of the five-year plan, meet the development needs of the group in a timely manner, and do a good job in driving and supporting the development of all subsidiaries and all sectors. Alan Luo, COO of the Shenzhen head office, Kevin Huang, COO of the Jiangxi subsidiary, and Frank Fu, COO of the Shenzhen subsidiary, respectively made New Year's plans. Charles Luo, deputy general manager of the group, CFO Hu Changchun, CTO Ivan Zheng, and other leaders made special work plans for supply chain management, financial management, product plan, and R&D management.

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During the two-day trip to Huizhou, the leaders of the group not only showed their confidence, firmness and courage, but also relaxed their mood and increased their friendship between the spring water and the blue sky. In the past 2022, Risuntech Group made great efforts to break through the difficulties and obstacles, and achieved basically stable performance. In 2023, the 18th year of concentrated and deep exploration of group in oral health industry, Risuntech will continue to achieve good results with a more stable development.