Shenzhen Business Daily: Risun Technology, 17 Years in Pinghu Grows a Global Brand in Oral Care

Date: 2023-06-13 09:36
In recent years, serving enterprises has always been the top priority and most important job of Pinghu Street in Longgang District.
In recent years, Pinghu Street Office of Longgang District has been taking serving enterprises as the top priority and the most important job with 100% effort to create a market-oriented, rule-of-law, and international first-class business environment, achieving a 100% satisfaction rate for the street's administrative services and the highest evaluation coverage rate in the district. At the same time, Pinghu street office has been making great effort in attracting investment, supporting and rising up local enterprises and attracting non-local enterprises investing and moving into Pinghu to form a scale effect.
In 2006, the first company in China that focus and specialize in oral health products, Shenzhen Risun Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Risun Technology"), was established in a small factory in the Shangmugu Community of Pinghu Street. After 17 years of development, Risun Technology has become a world-leading brand in oral care, operating as a large group company that integrates research and development manufacturing and e-commerce.
From OEM to establishing brand, how did Risun Technology successfully achieve high-quality development with an annual growth rate in double digits? What is the core secret code?

Ventured Into "Unchartered Territory" and Focus and Specialize in Oral Health Products
As consumers' awareness of oral health increases, oral care products such as electric toothbrushes and water flossers are becoming increasingly popular. However, when Risun Technology was founded in 2006, less than 1% of Chinese consumers used such products. TB Lee, the founder of Risun Technology said that at the beginning, the team led 20 workers in a simple office in the small factory in the Shangmugu Community of Pinghu Street. They worked late into the night to draw blueprints, make materials samples send inquiries and raise funds. Though difficult, they were happy. Later, the company made an appearance at overseas electronics exhibitions and many foreign merchants were surprised to see this small factory in southern China can break through sonic motor technology and manufacture high-quality products such as electric toothbrush and water flosser and eagerly seek for cooperation.
Luo Wenchuan, Chief Operating Officer of Risun Technology said that over the past 17 years, Risun Technology has overcome numerous difficulties and always focused on oral care products. Now that the domestic oral care industry is experiencing explosive growth, lots of capital and brand names are entering the field, but Risun Technology has been already solidly running on this track for 17 years! The evolution of the oral care industry over the past 17 years has proved that Risun Technology's strategic decisions and professional positioning align with the market development trend.The relentless persistence over 17 years has earned the company market initiative; the groundwork and accumulation over 17 years have put the company on the same starting line as big brands and capital, with a rapid growth rate of 30% to 40% annually.

Mastering Core Technology
In the early days of its establishment, Risun Technology mainly focused on technology research and development teams. The founders and team members mostly came from technology research and development management positions in foreign-funded enterprises, and came with a background in technology research and development. The company now has three manufacturing plants covering an area of 70,000 square meters and more than 2600 employees. Its products are sold in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and its customers include brands such as Philips, Crest, Xiaomi, Shuke and usmile. 
Over the years, Risun Technology has ingrained research and development into its DNA investing 10% of its revenue annually into research and development, adhering to the philosophy of professionalism and concentration and delving deeply into the field of oral care. The company has nurtured a research and development team of nearly 100 people and developed four major categories of professional oral care product lines: electric toothbrushes, water flossers teeth whitening devices and toothbrush sterilizers. It has obtained 84 patents at home and abroad, obtained national high-tech enterprise certification in 2016, and participated in drafting China's first industry standard for electric toothbrushes in 2019. Luowenchuan said that at the beginning of the company's production, it focused mainly on OEM and contract manufacturing. After years of accumulation, Risun Technology launched a professional oral care brand—Prooral Bohao—for the domestic retail market in 2011 and simultaneously entered the cross-border e-commerce business. Prooral Bohao has lived up to expectations, making product quality customer experience and value for money the core of its brand philosophy. This has enabled Chinese consumers to enjoy professional oral care products that are comparable to international standards at an affordable price, creating a national brand image among consumers. For many years, Prooral water flossers and other products have been among the top-selling domestic products on and Tmall, bringing professional oral care products into millions of households.

A favorable business environment is the confidence for enterprises to grow and develop
Regarding Pinghu, where the company was founded Luowenchuan said that this is where Risun Technology's "dream began." At that time, it seemed like a barren land a blank slate for "pearls to be embroidered." Now, Pinghu in Longgang District is one of the most active innovation-driven, and investment-worthy areas of the real economy. "We are a company that has grown and developed in Pinghu. Pinghu's development has brought dividends to the company, especially the improvements in road infrastructure education and medical services and commercial facilities which have helped the company retain talent," Luowenchuan said with full confidence in Pinghu's future development. Luowenchuan said that over the past 17 years, the Pinghu Street in Longgang District has provided a great deal of support policies in capital talents and incubation platform construction such as the "special funding to promote the development of professional enterprises" that does not require application, rent subsidies and science and technology financial support. It provides housing for unit talents, builds nests attracts phoenixes and establishes communication bridges between schools and enterprises. Currently, the business environment here is first-rate, and services are warm and considerate providing enterprises with real good policies and services finding ways to solve practical difficulties for enterprises and giving enterprises a sense of happiness and belonging.