Standard Seminar on <Electric Oral Irrigator>

Date: 2020-05-05 15:20
Recently, as a member of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Beauty & Health (Personal Care) Electrical Professional Committee, Risuntech and Haier Medical and other well-known companies jointly formulated the "electric oral irrigator" industry standard to eliminate the chaos in the electric oral irrigator industry and promote the The quality development of dental appliances.
China's economy is in a stage of vigorous development, and its independent innovation capability is at the forefront of the world. When formulating China's "electric tooth punching" industry standards, it is necessary to absorb the international advanced concepts while supporting the development of Chinese local enterprises in technological innovation and guiding Enterprises carry out technological and manufacturing upgrades to jointly promote the forward development of the industry.
 China's electric oral irrigator punching industry started late and urgently needs authoritative standards
 Due to the late start of China's electric dental appliance industry, there is no set of authoritative industry standards for reference, resulting in inconsistent product performance indicators and non-standard test methods, which bring great hidden dangers to the healthy development of the industry. In the low-end market, the entry barrier is low, and the market is full of various cottage products or poor-quality products, the price is not more than 100 yuan, or even as low as a dozen yuan. Compared with the high-end products of thousands of yuan, consumers are choosing products There is great doubt. As an oral care product, the safety of electric tooth punches is particularly important. There are many types of electric tooth punches on the market. Whether all electric oral irrigator punches are suitable for users, especially children, will it cause adverse effects to users? , These are not targeted standards.
 The formulation of this electric oral irrigator industry standard is conducive to standardizing the market order of the industry and ensuring the provision of traceable and verifiable quality services, which is of great significance to the entire electric red teeth industry. As a professional oral care expert, Ruishengte combines its advanced technical level and rich experience to join hands with industry leaders to create a healthy environment for the electric dental appliance industry, promote the quality development of electric dental appliances, and let consumers clearly Recognize products, choose the right products, and truly experience the superiority and happiness of electric dental appliances, bringing the happiness of oral care to every family.